It has been a year since we started Wren & Purl, a glorious year of discovery! We have met so many new people, a new community of fiber artists (yes, all of you are fiber artists), readers, and people interested in craft & ideas. 

What does community mean? Technically it is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Or, my favorite, a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Whichever, we are creating this at Wren & Purl.

While Wendy & I were dreaming and scheming about the shop, we both wanted a pub type feel. A place you feel welcomed, a place that feels like respite. A place of nourishment and enhancement. A place to create and laugh and talk about ideas. Our calendar is filled (and will continue to fill) with opportunities to gather in different ways.

Gather on Fridays for happy hour, on Saturday mornings for Yarn Shop Talk, join us at a local farm (seasonal) for breakfast or dinner, our monthly knit wine & pizza in the shop, or monthly Sunday Brunch out and about in the corridor. Classes have been held and new fiber artists emerged. We have had several book readings, and many more to come. We have had private groups gather in our workroom, Cornell students that visit regularly to show what they are working on and to pay a visit to the little free yarn library, drink tea and let us enjoy their exuberance for fiber and life! If all that is overwhelming, then stop by the shop other times we are open for a quieter gathering experience.

As we expand our offerings of books, we are excited to see what needs we can meet for ourselves and others. Perhaps writers groups and book clubs, more book readings of all kinds and of course continued exchange of thoughts and ideas. 

The future is bright here in our little shop. We are so very thrilled that y’all have joined us as we grow. 

We love hearing about your latest read or seeing what you are creating. 

We will be traveling next week to a convention in Chicago, H&H (closed Wednesday 6/21 & Thursday 6/22) . I am sure we will come home with all sorts of new ideas, products and stories of our adventures as Wren & Purl are out and about. So, when we return, come gather with us. 

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