Signs of Spring

Signs Signs Everywhere are Signs….

So much is visually thrown at us in our world. While driving, walking, scrolling, and shopping.  Signs market their wares, provide us with information and help us to be safe. I get overwhelmed with signs and too much information. 


As we embarked on Wren & Purl, how we communicate information was important to me. How do we convey pricing, vendor Information, designer information, and pattern information without blocking what we all really want to see, the yarn.

We want you to see the color, feel the texture and smell the fiber. To immerse yourself in all its glory. A quiet approach provides a manila tag hanging on the shelf near the product, it is handwritten with the name and price. On the reverse, however, may be a QR code that can take you to all sorts of places. A story about the producer. A pattern idea. Photos of pairings with stories or projects. Really we are just getting started, so think of the fun!

While determining how to sort our yarn, the building helped us in providing us multiple rooms. So Animal and Vegetable came to mind, (In my previous life I spent my time on the food side of the hospitality world), so we labeled rooms as such. Yarn from critters and yarn from plants. Mineral seemed fun to us, so it became our discount closet, you know, hidden gems. Very popular by the way. The Gathering space was easy, the WellNest made us giggle and we love the way it smells with all of the lovely sustainable bath, body and cleaning products. 

Our signs outside, a work in progress, lets you know we are here, but the best thing we did was a yard sign that simply states YARN. It has brought more than one care to a halt!

If you wander to, scroll to the bottom and you will find our calendar. This is the place to find out what is happening at Wren & Purl.  When we are open, crafting Happy Hour, Knit Wine & Pizza as well as our monthly Brunch. Any other special events will be scheduled here as well. We of course will post them on the socials too, for those that do that sort of thing. We try very hard to update our google search page to provide the most accurate information, after all we would rather you save that brain power for that lovely lace or colorwork project. 

The signs of spring are everywhere in our little corner of the planet, the daffodils are in their full glory, while the scilla create swaths of blue carpets and the robins hunt for food. We are looking forward to knitting outdoors. We acquired a few new chairs and are creating a dreamy space to knit during our local festivals.They will be here before we know it! 

Take a breath, be present for the signs as the seasons change, look for the signs of coming events and be aware of the signs in our sweet yarn shop! 

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