Knitting, in summer.

It’s hot. Everywhere. So the thought of something warm in my hands is, well, awful. So, I knit in the coolness of the morning and in cool spaces.  

In the before times - before the pandemic and before I owned a yarn shop - my knitting was never really specific or scheduled. But now that I own a shop and have 5 grandchildren, I needed a plan. 

So, I co-plan the shop samples, I co-plan featured items and I plan knitting for my family. 

I have made several items for the shop - Ok, so I did not complete all of them - and I am currently well into a lovely pair of socks for August Yarn Story. And I am working on a project for October Yarn Story as well! Oh, and thinking about the Yarn Stories for November & December!

Before they were born, I made each of my grands (5) baby blankets, the same pattern, with different yarn types. And for the holidays, the one in December, I have a plan too. Hats or Mittens. It is an odd year so it is a mitten year. They are all small yet, and they loose things, so simple is best at this point. This year I am using the Purl Soho Arched Gusset Mitten. I am knitting it in Brown Sheep Lanaloft in worsted weight. I am about half way through, so the middle of my third pair. These knit up quickly and are fun and a bit mindless. I did manage to figure out 2 at a time with magic loop from both ends of the skein, so that is a thing. The smallest is not yet one so they have a super simple thumbless mitten, on a lovely I cord to string through their jacket. I may embellish them in some way, maybe their initial or a simple design. 

I also decided that for the grown people (their parents and uncle) I will make them mittens or gloves for their birthdays. These are a bit more than the simple mittens. I did a color work pair of fingerless gloves that were fun. 

We knit off season with heavy wool in the summer or linen in the late spring to get ready for the next season. Sometimes, it seems wrong, but that is the nature of things. 

I find, for me anyway, I have to have a plan or I end up panicking in the end and causing myself stress, over knitting, which is silly. 

So, make a plan, find a cool spot, don't move too much to keep you cool, and knit away on a well planned project. Come visit us and we will get you what you need. And a cool glass of iced tea as well! 

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