Teach Me

We are often asked if we offer classes and the answer is yes! Personal, one-on-one classes are available for purchase in the shop or online. 

Learning something new is so good for us, and fun. We all have our knitting origin stories,mine began in 5th grade, when my city was wrestling with the best way to handle desegregation (it was south florida, in the 70’s) and I was bussed to an inner city school. As kids we did not understand what was happening, but we felt the discord. Anyway, I learned to crochet, on the playground. I used dime store yarn and a gifted hook. I made a floppy purse that was white and orange. My attention shifted and I became a sewist and lost interest in yarn craft. Years later, during my last pregnancy, I taught myself to knit. It was a challenging time, so knitting became a coping mechanism. I thrifted some leisure arts pamphlets and again, dime store yarn and needles and set out on an adventure. I learned the long tail cast on - which migrated to a really lengthy personal version of the German long tail cast on - knit, purl, cable, increase, decrease - most of the basics. As time progressed, and I moved to the midwest, I found knitting gloves to be fun, and I toiled over a 9 year fisherman's sweater in acrylic that no one wants to put on their body.  As for many, I found comfort and solace in my craft.Around 2008 I started looking for other knitters, I had always knit by myself, and discovered the world of specialty yarn. I was hooked! I discovered Ravelry in all its pattern glory and found Ben & Flo’s yarn shop and a community of crafters. For me, it is more about the process and how I feel while knitting rather than the finished project. Of course, I love my knit items, but the doing is the thing that keeps me knitting. Different projects for different situations. 


So, if you need a dedicated teacher, we have you covered. Video learning is an amazing option and our preference is Skill Set from Modern Daily Knitting. There are 3 different formats available. A book,  an app (both android and ios) and youtube.  The information is so well presented, we just had to share!  If you want a book, we have that. Buy the app($.99) or check out the free youtube channel. We are happy to be of support and to help you find all the right tools and yummy yarns. After all, a new member of the fiber arts community is a wonderful thing. However you get started, we are here to help you in the process or the journey or apocalyptic life skill training. What is your Yarn Story?

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