"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu

We are deep in summer in Mount Vernon. The sunflowers are blooming, tomatoes are being harvested, farm trucks are appearing on corners selling sweet corn and melons. Home gardeners are pawning off their excess zucchini. And, a lot of us are traveling. That last little breath of time between now and school starting again carries people out of Mount Vernon, but sometimes into it, and we're enjoying meeting some new friends. 

Because of that, we're finding ourselves selling a lot of "souvenir yarn", often for socks, a traveling favorite. In light of that, YarnStory this month features socks, sock yarn, and Modern Daily Knitting's Field Guide No. 11- Wanderlust. We love MDK's field guides- they are a lovely, portable size, they cover the bases of whatever subject they tackle, and they are approachable for all levels of knitters. 

If you've ever wanted to try making socks, it's time! Get in here already! If you're an established sock maker, you'll want to check out our sales this month. Time to build your stash! 

Now, I'm going to get causey for a sec. Why make socks (or sweaters or scarves or hats or mittens or...) when you can buy an entire pack for the cost of one hank of quality sock yarn?  

I'll tell you. 

Because you can opt out of financially supporting unethical working conditions in textile manufacturing.
Because you can fit the sock to your exact foot. 
Because you can choose natural fibers that breathe. 
Because you can find yarn from small producers with a photo of the exact animal that grew it on the label. 
Because you can lower your carbon footprint by purchasing locally, and support your local economy. 
Because you can design something beautiful that you get to wear. It's an accomplishment! 
Because knitting/crochet isn't a hobby, it's a post-apocalyptic survival skill! 



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