Who Are We, Anyway?

Well hello out there! We thought it was about time to introduce ourselves here on the website. 

We are Gretchen and Wendy, and for years we spent as much time as we could at our local yarn shop, Ben and Flo's, which was owned by our friend, Marty. When Marty decided to retire and sell the business, we got together and knew we needed to buy it. 

Gretchen is a 30+ year transplant from South Florida. Her long career as a culinarian gave her focus on all things local and sustainable. She is a self-taught knitter who has completed the first of three years of the Masters in Hand Knitting through the Knitting Guild Association. 

At ten years old, Wendy visited a yarn shop at a sheep farm, saw the sheep in a sunlit valley, hanging between mountains and decided she wanted to be a shepherd. In lieu of that, she returned to crochet, later learned to knit, made hundreds of creative...err.. ridiculous hats for her five kids, and now spends all day in a yarn shop. Pretty close to nailing the dream, really. 

All of that aside, we hope you come see us as soon as you  can. Keep an eye on the website as we continue to build it; events, classes, sales, neighborhood gossip... it'll all be there!
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