Yarn Story - Cozy Season

It's the holiday season again, we've put up the tree, the twinkle-lights, and the fireplace is happily humming away (if you know, you know).

Magical Night happened this last Thursday and was attended very well! We'd missed the busyness of it, meeting new people, and seeing Tim Kelly's animatronics housed in the foyer of First Presbyterian, and the live nativity in the park. If you missed out, please try to make it if you're in the area- it's a special night!

It's cold outside, and the perfect weather for mitten-knitting- so without further ado, our Yarn Story for this month - 

The Cozy! If you aren't familiar with the subgenre that is "the cozy", it's a perfect read for the busy holiday season- or any time things are a bit much and you need an escape. We have a large collection of cozies here at the shop, including a local series by Nicole Dieker, and a new regional series by Annalise Ryan. 

We are knitting the Arched Gusset Mittens by Purl Soho this month- and they are spectacular in Lanaloft by Brown Sheep Company. These are a snuggle for your hands and a simple knit. I love mine! 

Keep an eye on our calendar for sales and events this month, and have a happy and safe holiday season. 

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