Yarn Story for April, 2023

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be out from under the veil of winter. Spring! It's here! And with it, all the variations of a typical Midwestern spring. Snow one day, short sleeves the next. Weeks of rain puddles, still a little nip in the air. 

So, without further ado, our Yarn Story for April is here. 

You know how some cotton yarns can be terribly heavy and sometimes a little course? They're like...knitting with yarn that's been used as a dishrag to wipe maple syrup off a table? Or yarn made of wet denim and you attempt to knit with it while it's not quite dry?  Or that skein from Aunt Gladys' house that she kept on a shelf above where she smoked for a few decades? You'll be happy to know that our choice this month is like none of those things (thank goodness, amiright?)

Cumulus by Juniper Moon Farms has become our go-to yarn for cotton wearables. It is lofty, soft, luminous. It is genuinely cloud-like.  No matter your project, it'll knit up quickly and without any weird vibes. We carry eight lovely colors- plus!- four colorways in their rainbow line.  

Our project this month is the Tempest Beanie by Above the Clouds Crochet. It is a free pattern on ravelry, which you can find here. This hat was so fun to make, I made it all in one sitting with one cake of Cumulus Rainbow. 

Pond, by Claire-Louise Bennett takes its title from a chapter within. There is no specific narrative device- like plot- in this book, and it is difficult for me to categorize at all. It is a book about a reclusive, unnamed woman living in the west of Ireland, alone, in a cottage. Sometimes utterly hilarious, often totally confusing, but in the most delightful way. In the description from the publisher, they mention that it is often "suffused with the hypersaturated, almost synesthetic intensity of the physical world that we remember from childhood." Vogue calls Bennett's prose "a little feral" and "from another galaxy". In an essay in the Irish Times, Bennett said, “In solitude you don’t need to make an impression on the world, so the world has some opportunity to make an impression on you.”

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