Yarn Story for March 2023

When I was small, I spent a large portion of time on Sundays curled up with my mom watching the weekly installment of All Creatures Great and Small on our  local PBS station. I fell in love with the sheep, the countryside, the sweaters- but mostly with Siegfried, played by the great Robert Hardy who still holds a piece of my heart.

A few years later, my mom brought myself and our friends Joyce and Fawn to a wool farm somewhere in the foothills of Colorado to get Fawn started on spinning. She had decided that she needed to learn how to make her own sweaters, and for Fawn, this clearly began with buying her own flock of sheep. Fawn's parents had managed to talk her forward to spinning and here we were. I remember turning a corner and seeing the sunlit valley, dotted with sheep, surrounded by mountains and thinking I'd found something I had been missing. We walked into the shop, housed in a cabin- it smelled of lanolin and hard wood. It was the color of honey. At ten years old I thought, this. This is what I want. 

Fawn took her drop spindle home and dutifully spun one ball of yarn, and thus ended Fawn's journey into sweater creation. Maybe. I happen to know she still has that ball of yarn, so I'm still working on her (love you, Fawn!). 

Anyway, because of James Herriot, I ended up with a yarn shop years later and so, without further ado, our books (plural) are all things Herriot. If you've not read James Herriot, we advise beginning with All Creatures Great and Small, otherwise, we have the entire collection! 

Our yarn of the month is two-fold. We are featuring Herriot by Juniper Moon Farms in 4 gorgeous colors, and our own local alpaca from Alpaca Fiber Arts by Marilee in equally gorgeous natural colors. Whichever you choose, you really can't go wrong. 


Our project of the month is the Jasmine Scarf by Purl Soho, and we have a couple modifications of it if you'd like a smaller project. 

While writing this blog, I tried to find an old picture I usually have stored on my phone in easy reach, and for some reason, could not find it. I texted Fawn, "Can you find that pic of you and I and Shane? I need it!" She found it in a small handful of minutes and sent it, so I'll share it with you. Happy March! 

P.S. The sweater I happen to be wearing in this picture is a Cowichan sweater that my grandfather brought back from Canada. Happy March!


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