Yarn Story - Landscape Continued

Hello out there! I think spring has finally sprung here in Mount Vernon. As I was walking this morning, I came around a corner and heard buzzing. A broken tree limb was dangling down, and although it was broken, it is still covered in blossoms, and I think each one had a bee working it. 

We are restructuring our Yarn Story schedule a bit, and this month is a continuation of our Yarn Story from last month. We are still highlighting The Landscape Shawl by Martin Up North (who is a fabulous designer!). If you haven't yet, read last month's blog and find relevant links for the project here. It's a beautiful and fun project in Tunisian crochet, and we have highlighted Berroco Vintage DK, but the original piece was written for another of our favorites- Scrumptious by Scheepjes

Our book last month was The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, and we are featuring the sequel The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessey this month, a long with the third book in the series, Maureen. Technically, you can read the first two books side by side because they cover the same time period from two perspectives. Reviews called Queenie's story "dark", but also acknowledge the necessity of that element. I would argue the thing they are interpreting as "dark" is simply "quiet". 

When the third book, Maureen, was published early last year, I read it almost immediately. It was several years after I had read the first two. I wondered if I would have to reread them both, but Maureen brought them back from the depths of my memory and finished the whole story in a more satisfactory way. I always wanted to hear Maureen's part of the story!

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