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Betty Hechtman

Dead Men Don't Crochet (A Crochet Mystery - Book 2)

Dead Men Don't Crochet (A Crochet Mystery - Book 2)

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Molly Pink has become a yarnaholic. She shares her obsession with her crochet group in Tarzana, California. However, the real problem on their hands these days is a murder with a unique weave that casts suspicion on one of their own...

The Tarzana Hookers are a motley crew of women, all of whom are not afraid to speak their minds. Except Sheila. She's a timid, anxiety-ridden crocheter who's in desperate need of money, so she sells her beautiful scarves at a local antique and consignment store. But when the new owner stiffs Sheila, the boisterous ladies rally and offer their support. The real trouble begins when the tightly wound shop owner is found dead - unraveling Sheila's quiet life. 

Molly ignores the warnings from her homicide-detective boyfriend and, with the help of her stitch mates, sets out to clear Sheila's name. It's up to them to sort through the skeins of evidence before someone gets away with murder...

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