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Reagan Davis

Killer Cables (A Knitorious Murder Mystery - Book 2)

Killer Cables (A Knitorious Murder Mystery - Book 2)

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A Knitorious Murder Mystery Book 2

Finding a killer is like knitting a blanket; you take it one clue and one stitch at a time. 

Sophie the corgi and I have a lot in common, we both love cookies, we’re both short and cute, we both adore our hand-knit sweaters, and we both want to find the person who killed her human caregiver, Laura.

When my neighbour, Laura, slips on the ice, breaks her leg, and requires surgery, I jump at the chance to look after her dog, Sophie.

A week later, when I take Sophie home to reunite her with her beloved human, the worst happens, we find Laura dead.

As natural and peaceful as her death appears, something is off. 

Like one wrong stitch in a blanket with thirty thousand stitches, small, seemingly minor, inconsistencies at the scene of Laura’s death gnaw at me.

Laura’s death is the furthest thing from peaceful… it’s murder, and I’m determined to unravel the stitches of Laura’s life and figure out who killed her and why. 

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