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Reagan Davis

Twisted Stitches (A Knitorious Murder Mystery - Book 4)

Twisted Stitches (A Knitorious Murder Mystery - Book 4)

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A Knitorious Murder Mystery Book 4

I was sure that bullet wasn’t meant for me. 

At least, I thought it wasn’t. 

I mean, who would want to kill me? I make friends, not enemies. I live in the coziest, sweetest town on earth, and I own a yarn store. I’m a knitter for goodness sake! Knitters are like the Golden Retrievers of humankind. Everybody loves us. 

At first, I was sure it was a case of mistaken identity. Now I’m not as sure. My friends and family are rallying around me to keep me safe. They act overly cautious and say things like, “just in case.” 

My boyfriend, the cop, is taking a leave of absence from work to be my personal bodyguard. 

My mother-friend, Connie won’t let me work in my own yarn store “just in case” the shooter looks for me there. 

My best friend April goes everywhere with me. Actually, I don’t mind thia part, I love April and we have a blast together, even when we’re hunting for a killer. 

Does someone really want me dead? Who? Why? Is it someone I know? The police think it might be. 

Can I follow my instincts and unravel the clues before they try again? 

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